FCG Summer Tour

Every year we have a short summer study tour.  This year we went to Suffolk & Norfolk and saw a number of fascinating farms (and I admit, a whisky distillery – it wasn’t all work).  We spent an excellent morning at the Euston Estate, where we saw how the management team (led by Andrew Blenkiron) has turned a loss-making substantial farm business into a profitable one, making the most of their blow-away sandy soils, with limited irrigation potential.  They have to irrigate to get reasonable crops.

They use outdoor pigs to help organic matter, have invested in an AD plant, and despite their size, they work very closely with a neighbour to produce vegetable crops for supermarket buyers.  This was one of the most instructive aspects of the visit – that despite their size, they are very keen on collaboration.

Indeed, this is an aspect of business that we, as consultants, very often see.  That is, how well some people work with others in their locality or community.  If a neighbour of yours is doing a particularly good job at something, is there anything you can learn from them?  Can you approach them and ask them to do the same for you?  Would this save you cost and hassle?

Conversely, if you notice a neighbour struggling, perhaps you should not just gloat, but perhaps offer to work with them to build a stronger business platform overall.  If you approach them in the right, professional way, you never know what may come of it.  Is this something you should discuss with your consultant at their next visit?

Contact Charles at charlesholt@fcgagric.com or your local FCG office, and see how collaborating with others  could benefit your business.

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