Farm Consultancy Group was established in 1979 to provide an excellent service to farmers and rural business via our group of independent agricultural consultants and agricultural advisors, situated throughout England and Wales. The group now consists of 10 constituent businesses ranging in size from the one man bands to larger businesses that employ several consultants.

Each agricultural consultancy business consists of farm consultants, agricultural consultants and agricultural advisors who conform to the rules and style laid out in their agreements with the Farm Consultancy Group. In turn they can develop their own independent practices as they see fit. Consequently there are over 20 fee earning farm and agricultural consultants working under the umbrella of the Farm Consultancy Group, in England and Wales. Our objective is to help our members’ businesses development and grow.

The Farm Consultancy Group is a limited company owned equally by the 12 shareholders. Each business subscribes to the Farm Consultancy Group with subscriptions being dependent on the number of consultants operating for a business. Membership of the Farm Consultancy Group provides the independent consultant with access to a package of services including training marketing and insurance.

Training is a key element of the what the Farm Consultancy Group provides members, with a minimum of 8 training days a year. Shareholders and consultants working under the Farm Consultancy Group banner are expected to attend at least 75% of these training days. In addition to the training the Farm Consultancy Group organises a 2 or 3 day study tour to a different area every year where we visit leading business in that region.

Marketing is key to any small business but can become time consuming and costly for a small business. By combining the resources, the Farm Consultancy Group is able to provide members with cost effective marketing. In addition to the website our monthly business briefing newsletter is widely read by farmers and industry professionals and is available for members to circulate to their own contacts.
In addition to this we have an ongoing Facebook and Twitter feeds that are constantly being updated.
The Farm Consultancy Group members are regular contributors to the agricultural press and are recognised as industry experts in many areas.

All independent consultants are required to carry public indemnity insurance and the Farm Consultancy Group can help members in obtaining competitive quotes for their insurance.