FCG Client Wins Best Producer at the Prestigious Observer Awards


Jess and her Dad Mike have been customers of FCG since the late 90’s, first with Phil Cooper, then with Max Sealy when they started bottling their own milk.

Jess said “Max has been instrumental in driving our business forward, supporting and advising us through the various challenges and shifts in direction that our business has seen over the years.  Someone like Max who knows your business well is key to making continued success, and we have always valued his support”

Jess’s Story

Grampy and Grandma moved to the farm in 1955.  My Grampy, John Vaughn, had been a tank commander in the 2nd world war.  When he returned home, he bought 3 cows (Bluebird, Gypsy and Glow-worm), named after his tanks.  He also kept pigs and work horses that worked the land.  My Dad Mike returned from RAC Cirencester and worked alongside Grampy and fully took over in 1986 where he continued his Dad’s tradition of low input farming.

I have always lived at the farm with my Mum (Janet) and my sister Sophie, a teacher.

The passion for dairy farming passed to me and as a toddler I remember sitting in the milking parlour whilst Mum and Dad milked the cows.  Sophie and I had endless hours of fun feeding the calves, exploring the farm and adopting many and varied pets over the years.

We always wanted to avoid intensive farming methods, so it was only natural that by 2000 my Dad decided to get full organic status.  For us this was just about formalizing the methods we had always farmed by.  I joined my Dad having graduated from Aberystwyth University in 2002.  It was quite apparent that our farming ways and our small herd of ladies with names and personalities were not going to survive unless we did something to make it sustainable as a business.  Modern agriculture had no place for us at that time, we either had to become a more intensive, larger scale farm to keep up with the times, or do something drastic.  That is what we did, by processing our own milk onsite we saw an opportunity to provide organic milk the way nature intended and the way we were used to; full of taste, unhomogenised, fresh and untampered being simply pasteurised and on the shelf within hours.  I always had the dream to bottle our own organic milk and Dad was always open to my ideas, “we make a great team together”.

We set about converting a shed on our tenanted farm into a state-of-the-art bottling plant and through our unique branding we tell our story and this is where, “Jess’s Ladies Organic Farm Milk” was created.  I’m not sure we ever dreamt what the next decade would hold.

We now have 225 acres and milk 70 cows, who we refer to as “the ladies”.  They live an incredible life and their average life span is 13/15 years.  Until recently we had the oldest cow in the country “Katie” who was 21.  We have incredible emotional attachment to the land and our ladies; it is a way of life not just a job.

We now produce unhomogenised organic milk (skimmed, semi-skimmed, whole, special breakfast milk like the old gold top!), cream (single, double, extra thick) and Luxurious Natural Yoghurt, cultured buttermilk as well as our newest product, Kefir.

We supply independent stores, farm shops, schools, deli’s and restaurants throughout Gloucestershire, the Cotswolds and further afield through a wholesaler.  Gloucester Services has also been a huge boost to our business in recent years.  Please see our website for stockists. www.theladiesorganicmilk.co.uk







Our Awards to date;

 Best Producer at last months’ Observer Food Monthly Awards 2019
 60 Gold Medal Great taste awards
 The Golden Fork for the South West
 Champion Dairy Producer 4 years running
 Organic Producer of the year for Cotswold Life
 We are also listed in the World’s top 50 foods



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