FCG Accounting and Farm Accounts

Our Farm Accounts software goes from strength to strength. If good reports from your present accounts system (including automatic Comparable Dairy Farm Profit calculations on a monthly basis) are not available to you, contact us urgently. Our Farm Accounts software can produce this for you monthly, very easily.

You can have the software on your farm PC/laptop, or a farm secretary can do it for you on their own machine. You can even scan and email (or post) your invoices, bank statements etc. to us monthly. It’s up to you, how it is done for you, but we are here to improve your farm business information availability.

Our accounts system covers all rural business types. So, there are plenty of users of the software who have separate farm shop, cheese sales or property management arms to their business, that also use the software.

We understand you need sound information for good business monitoring and good decision making. We are continually investing in the software and will shortly be releasing further major enhancements.

Contact Charles at charlesholt@fcgagric.com for a free demo and see how the software can enhance the up-to-date financial information required for your business.


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