Farm Safety

At a recent FCG training meeting, our colleague Cari Beard spoke to us on farm safety.  I want to highlight one crucial point.  Every employer has to have a Health & Safety policy – no ‘ifs’ and no ‘buts’. If you have 5 or more staff, it has to be written down.  By implication, if you have 4 or fewer staff members, it does not have to be written.

There is also the question of ‘who is a staff member?’.  For instance, farm partners, and occasional and temporary workers and contractors may well be included.  It is easy to total 4 or 5 staff members on most farms these days.

But if you have fewer than 5 staff, and you receive a visit from the Health & Safety Executive (perhaps because of an accident) and your staff do not know what the policy is, you will have a serious problem.  If it is written down, and you have a record of giving it to your staff, you have a strong defence.

Is yours written down?  If not, contact Cari at

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