Farm Planning Applications & Appeals


FCG consultants are instrumental on many clients’ farms and rural properties in assisting with planning applications. We regularly work with planning consultants and architects to help clients fulfil their planning dreams.

Whether planning permission is required for a whole new green-field site, or a small addition to an existing enterprise, we can guide our clients towards a successful application.
We help new and existing enterprises establish new agricultural buildings, together with buildings for farm diversifications.

We assist in the planning process to obtain permission for a mobile home, log cabin or caravan, as an occupational dwelling. We are very familiar with the requirements of the NPPF in this regard, which replaced the old PPS 7. However, the rules set out in the PPS 7 Annex A are still an important guideline, and Planning Inspectors frequently regard them as “material considerations”.

Frequently a temporary occupational dwelling is justified, to be followed later by a permanent dwelling.

In Wales, TAN 6 is the guideline for rural planning matters. We are very familiar with the operation of TAN 6, and its interpretation by the planning authorities. It differs from the rules applicable in England.

Agricultural Dwelling House Appraisals are often required, to prove to the planners that a dwelling is required, or a second or third one is needed. Plainly this is not always the case, and on occasions we have to tell the client that a dwelling is not currently warranted. In this case we can advise them what they would have to do to establish a need.

We assist where the Local Planning Authority have issued enforcement proceedings, or are threatening to do so. We can also help in situations where the client has failed in previous applications, and even where appeals have failed.

We regularly provide expert assistance at planning appeals. Here, our knowledge and experience comes to the fore, and we have contributed to winning a number of difficult cases.

In addition to helping agricultural clients, we have assisted in horticultural enterprises (for instance, glasshouses) in obtaining occupational dwellings.
We can also assist in a variety of equine enterprises, including livery yards, polo estates and racehorse training establishments.  

On occasions we work for Local Planning Authorities, particularly where an applicant is unjustified in their application. This gives us balance in our professional judgement of cases.

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