Farm Accounts Training in Lockdown

I have a client who is new to our ‘Farm Accounts’ accounting program who I am helping to learn the software. This is an ideal time to do it, as I can’t visit the farm, but we can do a lot on-line. It’s going well. If you want to improve your farm accounting skills, this could be a good time to do it. If you think it may be, do contact me.

It’s actually quite a good time to learn new skills. Video conferencing is becoming second nature (almost) to many of us, and operating remotely seems to be the norm, in many aspects of business life. It is likely to continue well beyond the current lockdown period, as it is more time efficient for many of us. Farm accounting is one thing that can be made cheaper and easier as a result.

For a free demonstration for potential new customers or any existing customer queries on the FCFA Accounts Program, contact Charles at

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