Environmental Schemes & Climate Change Consultants

plant340x340Environmental schemes Consultants

Farm Consultancy Group (FCG) consultants see protecting the environment as not only good for the natural world, but also good for their clients’ businesses. This may take the form of joining an Entry Level Environmental Scheme (ELS) or its organic equivalent (OELS), or by undertaking to join a Higher Level Scheme (HLS). FCG consultants will assist their clients in selecting the right options for their farm and their business. This is likely to include options that help to meet the targets of the Campaign for the Farmed Environment (CFE), where appropriate.

FCG consultants have experience of working with Countryside Stewardship (CSS) and Environmentally Sensitive Area (ESA) schemes and provide advice and guidance on managing the transition from these schemes into Higher Level environmental schemes (HLS).

Renewable Energy Consultants

The Government is committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and increasing the proportion of energy produced from renewable sources; this provides profitable opportunities for farmers and landowners. FCG consultants have experience of working with clients to investigate and install a wide range of renewable systems from wind turbines to biomass heating, photo voltaic systems and anaerobic digesters. FCG consultants understand the commercial possibilities that may arise from these technologies.

FCG consultants can help their clients navigate their way around the complex fields of feed-in tariffs and the proposed renewable heat incentives to help businesses maximise their returns. These programmes are an integral part of the economics of renewable energy production.

Energy Audits

Many FCG consultants are registered on the South West Rural Development Agency (SWRDA) Consultant Register to provide advice on reducing energy use on farm under the Resources 4 Farmers (R4F) programme and the Soils for Profit (S4P) programme. These programmes offer the first step of an energy audit to enable businesses to understand where their energy is used and where potential savings can be made.

If you would like more information please contact William Waterfield at w.waterfield@fcgagric.com or telephone 01264 367900.