Eat More Healthily & Get Cheap On Farm Feed Dry Matter Result

This is from an article I picked up from Progressive Dairyman whilst at Dairy Expo last year.

The dry matter (DM) of your cow ration/silages will have a huge impact on cow intakes.  This is a quick, cheap and effective way to test silage and TMR diets to find out their DM value using a household Air Fryer.


1. Take a sample of silage or TMR and weigh the fresh weight on a digital kitchen scale.
2. Cook for 30 minutes at 120 degrees C.
3. Once finished weigh again.  The temperature and time may vary on initial inspection of the sample.
4. Divide the final weight by the initial weight and multiply by 100 to get % e.g. 25g/100g x 100 = 25% DM.

The sample doesn’t burn like using a conventional microwave or oven and is very cost effective.  You can buy one from £40 upwards from all major retailers.  I found a similar one at Argos for £100 which has a digital timer so very user friendly.

For a video demo see:   

This is a great way to get an accurate DM weight instantly when assessing a cow ration and forage stocks on farm, as well as having an excuse to eat more chips as they are cooked in the Air Fryer and not in cooking oil! 

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