CSS Success – Steph Emmerson

We are pleased to announce the success of our Countryside Stewardship agreement applications from the WhiteAvon Office. The final agreements are in for our 2020 Countryside Stewardship applications, and we are delighted to have secured over £2,230,000 income and a further £1,180,000 in capital items for our clients! This equates to an average of £69,000 per farm, and with BPS disappearing in the coming years this really is money that cannot be frowned at.

We submitted a range of applications, predominantly 5-year agreements which was as expected as BPS reduces. Clients can secure a guaranteed 5-year income from this scheme bridging the gap between reduced BPS payments.

We always aim to fit the stewardship scheme around your existing farming practices and objectives for the farm. There are a wide range of options available, from low input grassland to legume herb leys, overwinter stubble to low input cereal. Whether you are looking to enhance the environment and wildlife on the farm or looking to plant new hedgerows and protect watercourse by erecting new fencing, THERE IS something for all farming businesses.

With the launch of the NEW Capital Grant scheme which opened on the 9th February, there is even more opportunity for farmers and landowners.

The application window for this year’s Countryside Stewardship Scheme is now open. For more details, please contact Steph Emmerson at stephemmerson@fcgagric.com or your local FCG Office.

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