Covid-19 and Diversification

One of the great ironies of the effect of Covid-19 on the agriculture and rural industry is within recent years the clear message from government to diversify in order to protect agricultural incomes. It is our diversified clients who have suffered most through the pandemic. This is of course, included those within hospitality, rural tourism as well of those letting buildings for industrial and office space, child nurseries, activities centres and sporting venues.

We have worked closely with our clients in all of these situations to help support them throughout the pandemic and help them access all measures of government support including grants, Bounce Back loans and self-employed schemes where appropriate and supporting clients where furlough decisions and others have had to be made. We have been proactive in putting together cash flows and helping paying clients manage bank loan repayments including capital holidays, repayment holidays and where appropriate managing creditor expectations so that all are fully informed of the situation.

It is important that businesses remain strong and a lot of our diversified clients have maintained good cashflow up to now. Most of these businesses had good cash reserves going into this pandemic. It has highlighted weaknesses amongst some of their tenants who have run out of cash very early on.

Contact Max at or your local FCG Office to review your diversified business model and how it can be changed to be more sustainable and resilient in the future.

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