Cotswolds LEADER Grant Funding to Re-Open

We have been contacted by the team Leader at Cotswolds LEADER Programme to inform us that the grant programme may re-open for new Expressions of Interest for a two-week window in early March 2019.  A final decision will be made on Wednesday 27 February 2019.  All projects will then have to be approved and contracted by 31 July 2019.  This is a tight schedule but as consultants who have gone through this process, we have been approached to potentially earmark some projects that can meet these timescales.

The LEADER team will prioritise projects with good outputs that can be turned around quickly.  This includes the purchase of equipment or machinery under Farm Productivity.  Grants between £5-£50k can be awarded (maximum 40% of total project cost).  Eligible items include:

GPS equipment
Direct drills
Slurry tankers to include precision slurry application
Robotic milking units

Equipment will be considered eligible if it will improve the overall sustainability and performance of the farm, improve animal welfare, equipment needed to help process primary agricultural products, and efficient use of water through irrigation and reservoirs.

For a full list of available items or a discussion on LEADER grant funding contact Chloe at

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