Consultation on Transport of Livestock Now Closed

Did you complete a consultation response to the Defra proposals for tighter rules on animal livestock that was released in December? There is hope that there will be a common sense approach to this following the end of the consultation period that closed on Thursday 25th February.

The consultation, for England and Wales, focuses particularly on ending the live exports of livestock for slaughter and further fattening.

It has proposed that no journeys should be permitted to take place if the forecast for the external temperature on the day of transport is outside the range of 5-25 degrees Celsius. The only exception to this would be if the vehicle is able to use a thermo-regulatory system to control the internal temperature throughout the entirety of the journey.

If these proposals were to go through these would cause very serious delays and disruption to feed supplies and quite likely lead to increased welfare issues with stocking issues on farm where livestock cannot be legally transported.

As consultants we are often responding to consultations, however now more than ever the industry needs farmer engagement to outline the practical problems with such proposals. Time will tell whether voices have been listened to.

For any advice of future changes to policy, please contact Harry at or contact your local FCG office.

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