Consultation on Future Agricultural Policy – Health and Harmony

It is very important all involved in the agricultural industry, whether farmers, or part of the allied industry, make their voice heard in response to Health and Harmony, the future for food farming the environment in a green Brexit.  You can read a summary of the information available on the NFU website, or please contact us for a copy of the briefing paper.

The NFU tests for the future policy are it should be: –
• Ambitious
• Comprehensive
• Promote competitiveness and financial resilience
• Reduce administrative burden on farming
• Maintain a level playing field
• Provide fair reward for environmental goods
• Facilitate to smooth transition

The government proposals are broken down into various areas, which are as follows: –
• How to move away from the CAP
• Implementing a new agricultural policy for England
• Framework for a new agricultural policy
This will form part of the agriculture bill expected later in the year.

You can email your views, either to the NFU HQ team at  this needs to be done as soon as possible, you can directly reply to the government citizen space  It is also possible to make your response by emailing Defra on  The deadline for making a response directly to the government is 8th May 2018.

I cannot stress how important it is everyone makes some response, as we inevitably know that other lobby bodies, environmental groups and animal rights etc. will all be making responses to this consultation which will shape the future of agricultural policy for many years to come.

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