Consider Grazing Your Higher Yield Herds More This Spring

With an increase in milk supply (2.5%+) this March thanks to an early turnout the milk price has reduced for some (i.e. Muller contracts 26.75ppl in April & May). There is an opportunity this spring to cut feed costs further whilst maintaining cow performance and fertility for higher yielding cows.

Grass growth has slowed a little with the recent colder temperatures but there is an abundance of grass available. Soil conditions in most parts will allow cow traffic thanks to the dry winter. The attached ration worked out at £1.30 cheaper than the housed ration. Based on 200 cows this could be £260/day or up to £8,000 a month feed cost savings through utilising spring grass.

As you can see from the ration What-If function that we can use other raw materials to balance the ration, especially to dampen the excess spring grass protein which jeopardises fertility in high yield herds. Whilst we also need to balance fibre to maintain milk constituents and preserve starch and sugar supply required to feed a high genetic merit cow.

If you want help achieving similar results, please contact Wesley at or your local FCG Office.

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