Collaborative Farming

Recently, I visited the Kingshill Farming Company Ltd, comprised of four directors, all involved in farming businesses in the district of Somerton, Somerset.  The company was set up in 1999 to provide a machinery sharing facility between three farming businesses, all carrying out mixed farming systems.  The company focuses on farming 2200 acres of arable and forage cropping as a collaborative venture.  They have a wealth of knowledge and skills, a superb machinery fleet to combat many soil types and have taken on additional land in the area.

One of the directors of the company is a farm business consultant.  All machinery owned by the individuals is contracted out at commercial rates to the company, but some machinery, such as the combine, is owned solely within the company.  The directors explained that the collaboration of their businesses into this joint venture has enabled machinery efficiency through the sharing of equipment and grain handling and storage facilities.  Most importantly, working together and having full control has created efficient and timely operations and as a result increased yields.

This demonstrates how farm collaboration can be a success, not only cutting costs, but increasing output and profitability for all involved.  The business is looking to take on more planned contract farming and FBT work and has ample grain drying & storage to accompany their offering if required.

If you are in the locality and would be interested in working more closely with Kingshill Farming Company Ltd please do not hesitate to get in contact.

We work with many clients who carry out farm collaboration, examples of this include contract and share farming for livestock and arable businesses.  Other examples include contract calf and young stock rearing, contract growing of crops for dairy and livestock farmers, machinery sharing, buying groups and marketing groups.

If you are interested in discussing a collaborative farming venture in more detail, contact George at or your local FCG office, where we are more than happy to help.

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