Take the Hassle Out of Red Tractor Inspection

The Red Tractor Assurance Scheme is toughening up on their standards resulting in increasing paperwork which is putting more pressure on your farming time.  The industry needs to be more open and transparent and it is an important way of demonstrating to our customers that we are adhering to industry standards, just like any other […]

Developing Pig Expertise Programme – AHDB Pork

Over the next 6 months I will be part of a team of 15 individuals within the pig industry that currently advise pig producers that have been accepted onto the new training program, the aim of which is to provide professional development to advisors within the pig industry and increase knowledge transfer and upskill new […]

Ammonia – What It Is and How to Reduce It?

NH₃, NH₄, NO₃, SO₃…  There is only so much chemistry that we can remember from school, however the chemistry that is becoming more important to understand is Ammonia (NH₃), the effects, and ways in which it can be reduced.  The Clean Air Strategy has been produced by DEFRA in order for the government to regulate […]