Cropping Plans For 2018 and Onwards

The time of year for planning the cropping for 2018 is upon us and the need to order seeds and get prepared is now a priority if not already done.  It always pays when doing this to look backwards and try to assess how successful previous years have been, while also ensuring that changes that […]

Wills and Partnership Agreements

Unfortunately a client died recently and at a young age.  This has brought into sharp focus several major issues.  There was a will, which dealt with asset dispersals correctly and as the farmer wished it to, but what was not thought about adequately was the way the beneficiaries would view it.  None of the family […]

Reviewing Farming Agreements

Having recently reviewed a few contract farming and other agreements, a few points have struck me as being critical. When a contract farming operation is put in place, there are two important areas for the contractor to examine; the herd hire charge and the contract fee.  I have seen three agreements now that are under […]

Realistic Budgeting

All too often agreements are being set up or budgets drawn up, that are not being tested in a realistic manner. The optimistic view is generally the one taken and stress testing is not being carried out adequately. When banks look at a proposal they often ask for it to be run at up to […]