Budgeting Your Strategy

Once your business has a clear strategy it is time to draw up the plans over the longer term of five to ten years.  This will need to show the basic Profit and Loss accounts, disposal of funds statement i.e. where the money is going and a Balance sheet.  This will have to take account […]

How Robust is Your Strategic Plan?

Using a sensitivity analysis on your budget or plan can gain an insight into the impacts of change long before they occur.  This effectively shows how robust the business is in terms of withstanding pressures imposed on it.  One could refer to it as the reality check.  Effectively you take the budget figures and see […]

Review the Summer Season

Now that we are settling into winter and the routines of winter housing, it is a good time to think back over the spring and summer seasons.  What went right and what was not so good?  Why did the aspects you are not so happy with occur, and what, if anything, can you do about […]

Are You Winter Ready?

Nature has an uncanny knack of levelling itself up.  Having had a broadly very dry year in most parts of the country, especially last winter and spring, it would not be a surprise to see a harsher and possibly wetter winter this year that may be a lot longer.  While hurricane Harvey is unlikely to […]