We are seeing a vast amount of uncertainty at present with weather issues, pricing problems and the shadow of Brexit looming over everything. This seems to be true of every type of farming with both “Corn and Horn” suffering at the same time which is unusual. In many cases the debts on farm are rising […]

Fail to Plan and you Plan to ……?

There has never been a more important time to plan and draw up realistic budgets that have been properly thought through. The physical as well as financial parameters need to be examined carefully and recorded so that you can remember how you arrived at the answers. Timings and remembering when loans start to be repayable […]

Covid-19 Essential Travel

A recent issue has arisen where staff are moving to and from work or between blocks of land.  The police have stopped some people to query why they are out and about driving to work.  It makes sense for any business to give their staff a letter to have available if challenged, stating that they […]