Review the Summer Season

Now that we are settling into winter and the routines of winter housing, it is a good time to think back over the spring and summer seasons.  What went right and what was not so good?  Why did the aspects you are not so happy with occur, and what, if anything, can you do about […]

Are You Winter Ready?

Nature has an uncanny knack of levelling itself up.  Having had a broadly very dry year in most parts of the country, especially last winter and spring, it would not be a surprise to see a harsher and possibly wetter winter this year that may be a lot longer.  While hurricane Harvey is unlikely to […]

Profits Under Stress

Stress can mean many different things but could be defined as being “uncomfortable”.  The dictionary suggests that stress is “pressure or tension” exerted on an object; or a “state of mental or emotional strain” or finally “a particular emphasis or importance”.  While all of these seem to be slightly disconnected, they all point towards the […]

Cropping Plans For 2018 and Onwards

The time of year for planning the cropping for 2018 is upon us and the need to order seeds and get prepared is now a priority if not already done.  It always pays when doing this to look backwards and try to assess how successful previous years have been, while also ensuring that changes that […]