What is Your Plan?

In these uncertain times where confusion seems to surround us, we need to regain our focus.  There is an awful lot of rubbish being talked and rumours circulating that can become very negative.  On the 1st November we will all wake up and get on with our lives as we have done for many years! […]

Time For A Business Health Check?

Now would be a good time to review your whole business and life and effectively carry out a “Business Health Check”.  Where should one start?  For most people this is one of the hardest areas to define.   To achieve a good conclusion, one must know where you are striving to get to.  By definition, this […]

Risk Assessment In Uncertain Times

As part of the review process of your business, it is sensible to try assessing risk and how you could mitigate it.  This can be carried out on a short-term basis but should also be thinking on a longer-term basis also.  There is a tool that is often used that is known as a SWOT […]

Budgeting Your Strategy

Once your business has a clear strategy it is time to draw up the plans over the longer term of five to ten years.  This will need to show the basic Profit and Loss accounts, disposal of funds statement i.e. where the money is going and a Balance sheet.  This will have to take account […]