Covid-19 Essential Travel

A recent issue has arisen where staff are moving to and from work or between blocks of land.  The police have stopped some people to query why they are out and about driving to work.  It makes sense for any business to give their staff a letter to have available if challenged, stating that they […]

Keep in Touch

With the current situation and the related lock down, the greatest favour you can do people is to communicate regularly and keep in touch.  Loneliness is one of the greatest enemies of working in an enforced isolation.  Farming is already a lonely occupation, and this has become even harder. With the use of Face Time, […]

What is Your Plan?

In these uncertain times where confusion seems to surround us, we need to regain our focus.  There is an awful lot of rubbish being talked and rumours circulating that can become very negative.  On the 1st November we will all wake up and get on with our lives as we have done for many years! […]

Time For A Business Health Check?

Now would be a good time to review your whole business and life and effectively carry out a “Business Health Check”.  Where should one start?  For most people this is one of the hardest areas to define.   To achieve a good conclusion, one must know where you are striving to get to.  By definition, this […]