JV Dairy Opportunity Dorset

An exciting opportunity to contract dairy farm has arisen in Dorset with a 1st October start.  The suitable person would initially manage the herd for one year, with the intention of taking on a formal contract farming arrangement for an initial five-year period.  The current farming family are looking to take a step back and […]

Brexit & Currency Exchange Rates

How could your business cope with a 10% increase in the value of sterling vs euro/dollar?  By voting to leave Europe nearly three years ago, the opposite happened.  Sterling actually fell in value by 20%.  This had the effect of increasing your milk, meat & crop prices as imports became more expensive and exports cheaper.  […]

Take The Guesswork Out Of The Crap!

We are supposed to be operating in a more environmentally friendly and sustainable way,  but so many farmers apply slurry in a very haphazard and very inefficient way!  I still see new splashplate slurry tankers being sold today, though under DEFRA’s clean air strategy, they will not be allowed after 2025.  There is lots of […]