Post Milking Disinfection

Post milking teat disinfection is especially effective against the contagious pathogens Staphylococcus aureus and Streptococcus agalactiae. Teat disinfection is less effective in reducing the new infection rate of “environmental” pathogens such as Coliforms and Streptococcus species other than Streptococcus agalactiae. Control of environmental pathogens requires maintaining cows in a clean and dry environment, good pre-milking […]

Fertiliser Safe Storage

The recent horrific event in Lebanon brings the storage of Ammonium Nitrate fertiliser into sharp focus. With a close family member living in Beirut (thankfully unhurt) this has been foremost in my mind recently. Gourad Street, Beirut – 500m from the blast AN has a melting point of 170 0C and decomposes at 210 0C. […]

Banks Reopen for New Business

Great News! All the main banks appear to be open again to look at new deals for non-customers. It has been very difficult to get competitive tendering for deals, as Banks were reluctant to look at New Customers because of Covid 19. They were so busy looking after existing customers they didn’t have time. Well […]

The Proof of The Changes Are in The Results!

Over the last five years we have been working with one of our clients to improve the milk quality and production efficiency. The table below summarises the improvements achieved over the last five years: The farm has moved to autumn block calving. This allows the cows to be fed as one both winter and summer. […]