AHDB have a system operating on line called Farmbench, whereby you can benchmark your farming figures against the average and the “best”.  By the “best”, they mean the top 5% performers.  This is an excellent way of monitoring your physical and financial dairy performance, and spotting areas for improvement.  One can also benchmark your other […]

Another Planning Success

I assisted a client obtain a temporary dwelling on a small-holding in Warwickshire three years ago.  It had been vigorously objected to by the local planning officers and recommended for refusal.  I managed to get it heard by the planning committee, where our representations resulted in a vote for approval, but only by one vote […]

Hugs From A Farmer

It is not often that I receive a hug from a farmer-client and his wife, but when it happens, it is hugely gratifying.  I recently appeared at a planning committee to assist them in their application for a dwelling on the farm.  We got an approval from the committee, which led to the hug. This […]

“Veganuary” and “Dry January”

Like, I suspect, many involved in agriculture, I have a number of friends and relations who have nothing to do with farming, and who are town or city dwellers.  Many of them have been talking about “veganuary”, and a handful who have even tried it.  In some ways, if they embark on “dry January”, it […]