Follow Up On Recent Grant Application Success

Last year we completed a grant application on behalf of a farm shop to help cover building work costs when installing a new café kitchen.  We successfully applied for the grant of £70,000 and helped to obtain loan approval from the bank in the face of less than exciting historic accounts.  We then oversaw the […]

How Can You Reduce Your Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions?

With the agricultural industry coming under attack and taking the blame for Climate Change, I decided to undertake a little of my own research to understand the depths to which the industry contributes. Professor Mithloehner discussed this topic during one of his recent conferences in Kentucky stating that the biggest issue “was the lack of […]

Developing Pig Expertise Programme – AHDB Pork

Over the next 6 months I will be part of a team of 15 individuals within the pig industry that currently advise pig producers that have been accepted onto the new training program, the aim of which is to provide professional development to advisors within the pig industry and increase knowledge transfer and upskill new […]