Has the Pig Sector Been Over Penalised for Ammonia Emissions?

On a recent FCG training meeting we touched on the future implications for British Agriculture post Brexit and the potential for even closer controls on ammonia emissions.  The data at the training meeting revealed that only 7% of the ammonia produced from UK agriculture is produced from the Pig sector, with 28% from dairy sector […]

Key Man Cover

I have recently had a spell of ill health which has seen numerous trips to the hospital, although fully recovered now it had highlighted an area that we discuss with clients on an on-going basis but had not dealt with in the office.  Businesses relay on the efforts of expertise of people and what happens […]

CSS Mid -Tier Deadline Extension

The application deadline for Mid-Tier applications has been extended from 31st July to 31st August.  There had been increasing pressure on Natural England to extend the application window due to their inability to send out application packs. Mid-tier and Natural England issues continue It is understood that the current round of stewardship issues has been […]

Grant Funding: There Is Still Money To Be Had

There is a message coming across from within Government regarding rural grant schemes – either use it or lose it.  Brexit will bring about a great excuse to reduce available grants to farmers and rural businesses if the current round of grants has not been fully allocated.  Some may say that the hoops to jump […]