The Importance of Planning a Stewardship

With the Mid-Tier Stewardship application deadline only 2 months away it is time to begin thinking about annual options and capital items.  Due to the different rules and regulations that come with holding a stewardship agreement, it is hugely important to plan ahead and ensure that all the options selected can be easily managed thus […]

Pressure from the Bank – A Case Study

We have noticed increasing pressure from Banks towards some clients for whom we work with.  I have summarised below a situation that has recently occurred. My client is unmarried, living at home with his unmarried brother and father.  They own their farm and gave up dairy farming four years ago and changed their business model […]

Reminder to Re-Register for Waste Exemptions

Many farmers will need to re-register for waste exemptions over the next couple of months as current exemptions for many are due to expire.  Waste exemptions last three years and the Environment Agency will send out a reminder. Waste exemptions can be applied for online and are free and simple to complete.  If you are […]

Cotswolds LEADER Grant Funding to Re-Open

We have been contacted by the team Leader at Cotswolds LEADER Programme to inform us that the grant programme may re-open for new Expressions of Interest for a two-week window in early March 2019.  A final decision will be made on Wednesday 27 February 2019.  All projects will then have to be approved and contracted […]