Cotswolds LEADER Grant Funding to Re-Open

We have been contacted by the team Leader at Cotswolds LEADER Programme to inform us that the grant programme may re-open for new Expressions of Interest for a two-week window in early March 2019.  A final decision will be made on Wednesday 27 February 2019.  All projects will then have to be approved and contracted […]

Alternative Funding Success

Recently we have had a number of successful loan applications approved for a range of different business, a lot of them through what would be deemed alternative lending sources.  Often traditional banks are restricted and as such some businesses fall outside of what would be considered normal lending criteria for one reason or another.  For […]

Is Your Farming Partnership Legally Binding?

Often partnerships are formed and built on trust over the kitchen table, but have you ever considered the benefits of having a partnership agreement in place, or more importantly the risks of not having one in place? Partnerships that do not have their own, current agreement will be governed by the Partnership Act 1890, an […]