New Year’s Resolution – Three Things to Implement in 2020

As we all know, farming has THE worst health and safety record out of all other industries.  As we enter the new year, a few simple changes could help to save a life! I have picked out three basic, but commonly missed controls, that can easily be implemented into any farming business. 1. Quad Bikes Ensure […]

Red Tape & Regulations – Health and Safety ‘Gone Mad’?!

We often read and are told about all the outrageous rules and regulations imposed by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE).  Whether ‘conkers banned in schools’ or ‘no flying kites on the beach’; it can leave us wondering how we are supposed to get anything done.  However, in most, if not all of these bizarre […]

Methane & the 9% of UK Greenhouse Gases Contributed by Agriculture

Globally, Agriculture is stated to contribute 14% of greenhouse gases.  These include Nitrous Oxide (fertiliser, run off and waste) and Methane.  Methane is x21 as detrimental as CO2. Interestingly British Agriculture is said to contribute 9% of it’s greenhouse gases.  This result is achieved by efficient use of farm waste, better animal feeding, especially ruminant […]

CIL (Community Infrastructure Levy)

Within our role as farm business consultants we carry out a number of agricultural justification reports and work closely with planning consultants. A planning consultant recently advised that most local planning authorities have adopted CIL (Community Infrastructure Levy) to raise money for new infrastructure.  Each local planning authority sets its own CIL rates which can […]