Banks – Better The Devil You Know?

Over the past 12 months, we have been busy putting business plans together for clients looking to borrow money for various on-farm projects; this has ranged from cubicle sheds, parlours, bridging loans for grant funded projects and more general re-financing of existing borrowing. In many cases, the farms existing banks have been keen to support […]

Hedge Cutting Derogation – Apply Now!

Cross Compliance rules prevent the cutting or trimming of hedges until 1st September. However, if you are sowing Oilseed Rape or Temporary Grass in August, you may be eligible for a Hedge Cutting Derogation.  This allows you to cut or trim hedges from the 1st August in specific parcels. You must ensure that you have […]

It’s All About Drainage!

Milk from forage, forage grown/hectare, healthy soil and removing compaction are all linked especially on heavy soils.  Water is imperative to growth but too much leads to poor root structure and less tonnes grown/ha.  I’ve grown up on a predominantly heavy clay farm at the base of a significant hill, so water table and compaction […]