Hedge Cutting Derogation – Apply Now!

Cross Compliance rules prevent the cutting or trimming of hedges until 1st September. However, if you are sowing Oilseed Rape or Temporary Grass in August, you may be eligible for a Hedge Cutting Derogation.  This allows you to cut or trim hedges from the 1st August in specific parcels. You must ensure that you have […]

It’s All About Drainage!

Milk from forage, forage grown/hectare, healthy soil and removing compaction are all linked especially on heavy soils.  Water is imperative to growth but too much leads to poor root structure and less tonnes grown/ha.  I’ve grown up on a predominantly heavy clay farm at the base of a significant hill, so water table and compaction […]

Is Safety the Key to Sustainability?

British farmers are renowned for their innovation and ability to constantly improve, grow and develop their businesses.  However, there is one key thing that the industry has still not managed to master… health and safety! Despite agriculture only accounting for a small fraction of the Great British workforce, it accounted for over 20% of worker […]

The Role of Beef Production

I did look up the meaning of Omnivore too as recently I’ve been confused…. “Omnivore, an animal or person that eats a variety of food of both plant and animal origin.  The hominidae, including humans, chimpanzees, gorillas, and orangutans, are also omnivores”.  So that’s cleared that up! Red meat has seen various “negativities” and we […]