Erratic Grass

Grazing can be as erratic as the weather, especially where strict grazing disciplines do not exist. Take the following grass analysis we have seen over the last few months noting that both oil and crude protein have been all over the place. To put this into perspective all grass is 3-4 weeks of regrowth either […]

The Green Revolution

As the country emerges from Lockdown, the government’s free market ideology is going to be put into practice to bring forward a decade of investment largely driven by a carbon zero and green agenda. Farming has a massive role to play in this whether it be solar, wind, biomass or simply working within the planning […]

Are Your Contract Farming Agreements Fit for Purpose?

Increasingly we see farm owners from a variety of backgrounds entering contract farming agreements particularly for their arable enterprises but also for the livestock enterprises on their farms. Some things to consider if this is you: • Scrutiny – Changes in taxation rules and the volatility in the market may require changes in the agreement […]

Strip-Grazing Autumn Block Dry Cows (circa. 8,000litre)

One size certainly does not fit all when it comes to dry cows, and certain opportunities may allow more cost-effective means to manage dry cows. First what is the cow type? Yield? Can grazing paddocks be shut up early? And what is the mineral content of soils and forages available (Potassium & Calcium in particular)? […]