Brexit Opportunity or Chaos?

Shortly after these articles are published, we will get the outcome of the meaningful vote in the House of Commons and will know a little more about our political future, whether this is to be another vote, a vote of confidence, or a change of government and minority Labour/SNP administration. The only certain thing in […]

Time for a Big Conversation about Tax

Many dairy farmers are finding cashflow quite tight at present with high feed costs, the effect of the drought and milk prices having peaked too low to sustainably cover cost of production.  The recent HSBC forward planning publication showed negative margins on the average dairy farm before BPS for 2019/20 forecast.  Many dairy farms will […]

White Avon Consultancy Update

White Avon Consultancy have had a very busy couple of months with many successful outcomes. Examples include – • Planning permission for two permanent dwellings and one temporary dwelling for farm workers. • Permission obtained for two agricultural buildings.  This application was taken to and passed at committee, represented by us. • Four milking robots grant aided at […]

Have You Got the Financial Pulse of Your Business?

Farm accounts is often the last job on a to-do list.  However, when prices are volatile and market demand and supply vary, management accounts are more important to manage your business effectively. Management accounts provide a detailed financial insight to the business.  Inputting accurate information can enable you (and your consultant/accountant) to identify strengths and […]