New Rules Relating to Livestock Movements (Wales)

There are new rules being introduced relating to livestock movements and the registration of holdings in Wales. Before the 21st of September 2018, livestock farmers need to record all the land they have available for livestock through Manage my CPH on Rural Payments Wales (RPW) Online.  If farmers have multiple holdings/land parcels within a 10 […]

Ostertagiosis Warning

Cattle keepers should be aware of the current high risk of Ostertagiosis Type 1 in youngstock.  A number of incidences have been reported in Wales in recent weeks. Ostertagia is an intestinal parasite which attacks the abomasum of younger cattle; animals which are most prone to the disease are those in their first grazing season.  […]

Sustainable Production Grant (Wales)

The Sustainable Production Grant (Wales) is planned to open on the 3rd of September and closes 26th of October. The grant scheme offers 40% funding for covered slurry storage and management equipment. The grant value is £12,000- £50,000.  Anyone who wishes to apply must attend a Sustainable Farming Roadshow, arranged by Farming Connect. To book […]

Australian Dairy Industry Study Tour

On the surface there are few similarities between farming in the UK and farming in Australia.  However, with the future of subsidies uncertain post-Brexit, and the whole world facing a changing climate, there are lessons to learn from the dairy industry in countries which are already in the midst of these challenges. Victoria’s industry is […]