Ten Years of National Organic Cereals Have We Progressed?

Last week saw the tenth running of the National Organic Cereals (NOC) event.  On a baking hot day the NOC returned to Hampshire close to us at Fullerton.  The event followed a well-tried format of a couple of plenary sessions and field tours to look at various subjects.  Over the last ten years, the organic […]

Win a free Soil Audit worth £150

Understanding your soils and their limitations and potential is a cornerstone to organic production. We are giving away a comprehensive soil audit if you can correctly name these crops:  Please send answers to w.waterfield@fcgagric.com   

Soil Organic Matter

Sitting at the heart of a healthy soil is the fraction known as Soil Organic Matter (SOM).  This generic name is given to a range of organic compounds that when absent turn fertile soils to dirt and are the real driver of soil fertility.  These organic compounds have variable degrees of availability from a few […]

So What Can Farmers do to Improve the Situation ?

Soils are complex living organisms so preparing plans to improve them will vary between farms.  In preparing a soil improvement plan, the following points should be considered:Carry out a detailed soil analysis that covers both the physical and chemical properties of the soil and has an indication of the organic matter level. Whilst there are a […]