Mixed Messages from the Organic Dairy Sector

After a period of steady growth and relatively stable prices, the organic sector is starting to send out mixed messages.  Against a background of a sector growth across Europe up 6.4% in 2016-17, the UK managed a meagre 1.5% growth in the same period.   OMSCo have reintroduced individual members allocation which will result in reductions […]

The Organic Sector – Time to Learn from Denmark

The recent Organic Forum heard how in Denmark the organic sector has been able to grow to the extent that organic food now represents 13.3% of total food sales compared to 1.5% in the UK. The key to this success has been largely down to a single organisation representing the whole sector – Organic Denmark.  […]

The Organic Milk Market Update

The recent Organic Market report reveals that sales of organic food increased by 6% in 2017.  This compares to an increase of 2.4% for food in general.  This is the sixth year of growth for the sector.  Dairy continues to be the leading segment with a number of strong brands attracting loyal support and leading […]