Soil Quality Index a Method for Better Monitoring Soils?

We are all familiar with the need for regular soil testing which normally only includes the major nutrients, ignoring the importance of soil texture and organic matter. The introduction of a Soil Quality Index seeks to readdress this issue. Looking as it does at the relationship between soil organic matter (soil carbon) and the clay […]

Regenerative Agriculture – Another Passing Fad or A System Fit for the Future?

Open just about any agricultural journal and one is bombarded by stories about regenerative agriculture but why all this interest? The confusion surrounding the subject is compounded by terms such as holistic management circular systems, closed production cycles, conservation agriculture, agroecological systems, enterprise stacking, agroforestry, mob grazing, herbal leys or new business models and that […]

Biodiversity Net Gain – An Opportunity for Landowners

Biodiversity Net Gain – An Opportunity for Landowners (article from Rob Wreglesworth of the Environment Bank) The need for biodiversity offsetting sites is due to sharply increase with the introduction of mandatory biodiversity net gain under England’s planning law, generating a new avenue of investment into the rural economy and into your land. An Introduction […]