Building Great Soils

Worldwide there is an increasing focus on improving our soils whether that is improved resilience and less erosion or improved yields, a constant theme is soil organic matter and how to increase it.  Whilst organic farmers advocate this or that approach and regenerative farmers argue for their solutions, there remains one overriding objective that of […]

Grants Update

LEADER The Andover office have just received confirmation of LEADER grant for one of their clients for the Cow Manager System of remote health sensing.  The grant worth 40% of the capital costs will be used to help improve heat detection and health monitoring and should provide early warning of mastitis and a range of […]

Modern Livestock Management

Artificial intelligent, cloud-based apps, algorithms and remote sensing are increasingly common in the livestock sector.  A new generation of management sensors are hitting the market.  Selecting the best choice for your cows and your businesses is important. The first-generation dairy monitors had one job to do, oestrus detection.  With a reduction in oestrus intensity increasing […]

The Organic Sector – Time to Learn from Denmark

The recent Organic Forum heard how in Denmark the organic sector has been able to grow to the extent that organic food now represents 13.3% of total food sales compared to 1.5% in the UK. The key to this success has been largely down to a single organisation representing the whole sector – Organic Denmark.  […]