How Much is in Your Clamp?

The lack of silage is likely to be an issue for most producers this winter.  So, knowing what is in the clamp to start with is imperative.  I was recently challenged by a client about the bulk density figures that are widely available to the industry these quote ranges for all the major silages. Grass […]

Slimming Your Cell Counts

Hardly a week goes by when the growing concern about antibiotic resistance in the public health is not headline news.   With this in mind, reducing antibiotic use should be high on the agenda of all milk producers.  A recent AHDB webinar run by Ylva Persson from Vaxa Sweden highlighted how the Swedish dairy industry has […]

Moving On

Over the years we have been involved with a number of farming businesses where the partners’ circumstances have changed, and they need to dissolve a long-standing partnership.   In a small number of cases this can cause no end of heart ache between family members.   Often the situation appears to the family to be complex and […]

Grateful Client

The following email was recently received from a farm manager client who had asked for help developing the 400 cow dairy unit where he had recently been appointed as manager.  Our short report had helped him to set the course for the business with the following outcomes. “We have been quite fortunate not to have […]