Diverse or Herbal Swards Proving Their Worth

The benefits of including white clover in swards has been known for a long time, with clover based leys being as productive as those receiving 200 kg of Nitrogen per hectare.   With the growing interest in herbal or diverse swards more research at the University College Dublin showed the benefits of introducing up to 6 […]

Study Tour to Wisconsin

Many discussion groups undertake study tours and this year the White Horse Dairy Discussion Group went further than many groups with a week-long visit to Wisconsin.  Over 5 days we saw a wide range of dairy and related businesses.  A number of common issues were discussed. The anti-animal brigade is probably even more vocal in […]

Herd Genetics – Have you A Plan?

Having the right cow for your system is fairly obvious, but ensuring that you have clear breeding objectives that fit with your long terms aims for your business is often overlooked with bulls being selected without due consideration, or by simply selecting according to an index which does not fully reflect the priorities for the […]

Mixed Messages from the Organic Dairy Sector

After a period of steady growth and relatively stable prices, the organic sector is starting to send out mixed messages.  Against a background of a sector growth across Europe up 6.4% in 2016-17, the UK managed a meagre 1.5% growth in the same period.   OMSCo have reintroduced individual members allocation which will result in reductions […]