The Agricultural Bill

George Eustice introduced the government’s Agriculture Bill to the Commons on 16th January. It is likely to become law in or around April, with codes of practice and further enabling legislation to follow. Clearly the government wants to remove the current requirement to farm land from subsidies paid. Furthermore, the government wants to de-link subsidies […]

Forward Market Performance (FMP)

FMP is AHDB’s market indicator for future milk prices, based on AMPE and futures contracts for butter and SMP. The table below shows that the price predicted by this analysis was down for the period to December 2019, but it is now back up for the months all the way to April 2020. The reason […]

Cubicle Bedding Options

Last year we surveyed our dairy farming customers on the quantities of bedding material used for milking cows while cubicle housed 24 hours per day. Some farmers had mattresses/mats, some had concrete bases, some stone/chalk bases. The base surface of the cubicle had the biggest effect on quantity of bedding material used. Below is part […]