Zooming Good Training

One of the functions of The Farm Consultancy Group (FCG) is to provide group training for 25 consultants and rural business professionals every 6-8 weeks. Pre Covid 19 we would meet for a day centrally in England and invite external experts or use within FCG colleagues to provide updates and training. This is a key […]

New Employee & Worker Right

Employment law was updated in April. Up to April 2020, employees who have been continuously employed for more than one month must have been provided with a written contract of employment within two months of employment commencing. From 6 April 2020, all new employees and workers will have the right to a contract of employment […]

Planning Permission in Lockdown

While I am finding that all planning departments that I have been in contact with are still working reasonably normally, inevitably there are delays in the planning process. Planning Appeals, too, are taking a while to organise. Some people found that in the early weeks of the lockdown, planning applications went through easily, as planning […]

Working Safely Near Overhead Electricity Power Lines

Overhead Electricity Power Lines (OHPLs) pose a significant risk to those who work nearby. In agriculture, this is mainly caused by equipment or machinery getting too close or coming in to contact with OHPLs. Machinery doesn’t have to touch the line as electricity can ‘jump’ if a strong conductor (including metal, slurry and water) is […]