Enforcement Success

An enquiry or visit from a local authority Enforcement Officer can herald the arrival of all sorts of planning trouble. Frequently, they start with a formal request for information on what you are doing on your land, often using a Planning Contravention Notice (PCN) to gain more information. You are compelled to complete this. You […]

Regenerative Agriculture – Another Passing Fad or A System Fit for the Future?

Open just about any agricultural journal and one is bombarded by stories about regenerative agriculture but why all this interest? The confusion surrounding the subject is compounded by terms such as holistic management circular systems, closed production cycles, conservation agriculture, agroecological systems, enterprise stacking, agroforestry, mob grazing, herbal leys or new business models and that […]

Tilly Your Trailer

As we all know, every fatality that happens in the farming industry is one too many. For Jane Gurney and her family, this nightmare became a reality when her son Harry Christian-Allan was tragically killed in a trailer accident in 2014. Harry was home from university for the summer and working on a harvest job […]