What’s on Your Risk Register? Do You Even Have One?

I am a Trustee for a small charity that specialises in providing education opportunities in connection with Farming Food and the Environment. One of the key accountabilities of the Trustee is the ability to show the Charity Commissioners that they are managing the risks to the business in a professional manner and with due diligence. […]

Soil, Nutrient and Biodiversity Management Planning

Recently I was asked to complete a soil, nutrient and biodiversity management plan for a client who required it for their milk buyer.  It was a great opportunity to be able to discuss management of land to reduce the risks of soil runoff, erosion, nutrient leaching and biodiversity damage through improving cropping, fertiliser, sprays and […]

Planning Appraisals and Complexity

As many readers of this newsletter know, I have been involved in a considerable number of planning permission applications in recent years, many of which need a Planning Appraisal to accompany them.  Sometimes they can be quite simple, and merely state the current situation on a farm, and why a new building, full development or […]