New Income Streams for Farmers

The Government has announced that the current Basic Payment scheme will end in 2028. The proposal for an enhanced Environmental Stewardship Scheme, in the form of Environmental Land Management (ELMS), is still some way off. With wide scale trials in 2024 and a full roll out in 2026, it will mean that that many farms […]

Reducing the Risk of Breaching Cross Compliance Rules

It is important to reduce the risk of any breaches or mistakes which can cause penalties on your farm support payments (including BPS). Here are the Important Management Practices to be aware of for August 2020: 1st August – Start of close period for applying organic manures with high readily available Nitrogen content (e.g. slurry, […]

The Benefits of Herbal Grass Leys

Countryside Stewardships Schemes (CSS) can offer an array of land-based options. One that I am finding to be extremely popular and beneficial financially (providing an annual income of £309/ha), environmentally and to the health and well-being of livestock is the Legume and Herb Rich Swards (coded GS4 under CSS). The herbal ley is a complex […]

Stewardship Hedgerow Payments

There is an increase in the number of standalone capital payments allowed under stewardship agreements and there is a number of capital items no longer need to be applied for with a full stewardship agreement. Hedgerow and fencing options With a renewed interest in environmental scheme payments it may be time to consider improving the […]