BPS 2020 and Greening

It may seem a little early to be thinking about next year’s Basic Payment Scheme application, however, now is the time to start checking your cropping plans against the current BPS greening rules. Any BPS applicant with more than 10ha of arable land must consider the greening rules when thinking about their cropping for the […]

Follow Up On Recent Grant Application Success

Last year we completed a grant application on behalf of a farm shop to help cover building work costs when installing a new café kitchen.  We successfully applied for the grant of £70,000 and helped to obtain loan approval from the bank in the face of less than exciting historic accounts.  We then oversaw the […]

Weigh In!

With 40% grants available now under the Countryside Productivity Small Grant Scheme https://www.gov.uk/guidance/countryside-productivity-scheme#round-2 which closes on the 3rd September, there is no excuse for livestock farmers to be still guessing the weight of their cattle!  You can now get weigh cells to go in your cattle crush/race for less than £1,000 after grant.  They will […]