Digging Holes!

The recent DEFRA survey “Farm Practice Survey” has revealed that 55% of farmers dig holes in fields to look at compaction, but more worryingly 45% do not. Digging holes to check soil structure and compaction is the only way to know for sure whether you need to spend money on subsoiling, sward lifting or aerating. […]

Farming Trip to New Zealand

My wife Vicki and I were lucky enough to spend 4.5 weeks travelling in New Zealand in February and the first part of March. This was partly to visit our son, who was working for Gavin’s, a large agricultural contractor in the Waikato. Forage harvesting grass/ maize and all other aspects of farm work, including […]

Environmental Impact Assessment

I have recently had to apply to Natural England for a “screening decision” under the Environmental Impact Assessment Regulations for a client.  These do not get done that often on farms, unless a planning application is imminent.  However, when they are done, they take quite a bit of work. I have a feeling they should […]