Woodland Creation Grant

The Woodland Creation Grant is part of Countryside Stewardship and is available for applications all year round.  You can apply for up to £6,800 per hectare to help plant trees, including the capital items associated with this.  As well as payments of £1.28 per tree, you can also apply for various fencing and gate options, […]

How Can You Reduce Your Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions?

With the agricultural industry coming under attack and taking the blame for Climate Change, I decided to undertake a little of my own research to understand the depths to which the industry contributes. Professor Mithloehner discussed this topic during one of his recent conferences in Kentucky stating that the biggest issue “was the lack of […]

Farming and Climate Change: Towards Net Zero Carbon Emissions

I was fortunate enough to join this conference at the beginning of July, inspired by Minette Batters’ challenge to all farmers of zero carbon emissions by 2040.  The conference, a partnership with the National Farmers Union and The Sustainable Food Trust, considered how agriculture responds to the climate emergency that faces us.  Minette Batters’ NFU […]

Farm Sustainability

Farm Sustainability is a term that is being mentioned a lot recently by politicians, environmentalists, farmers, researchers and the press.  But what does this mean?  For a farmer it means passing on a viable business to the next generation, but it is not just financial viability.  It has to be a farm that is socially […]