Mind the BPS Funding Gap

The recent Government announcement guaranteeing this year’s BPS was accompanied by the disclosure that from 2021, BPS will start to be reduced and come to an end in 2028. At the same time the Government announced plans to reduce BPS in 2021, with the introduction of a banded reduction depending on the level of payment. […]

Potential Development Land

Now is a very good time to be putting land forward that you believe may have the potential for planning in the future. Each council must prepare a development plan for their area in consultation with the local community; many local councils are now updating their development plans. The aim of the plan is to […]

Carbon Accounting

In our most recent FCG training session, we were pleased to be addressed by Becky Wilson of the charity that supplies the Farm Carbon Cutting Toolkit. Currently, UK agriculture produces around 45.6MT equivalent pa. of CO2. This is around 9% of the UK total. The NFU has been leading from the front with its aim […]

The Agricultural Bill

George Eustice introduced the government’s Agriculture Bill to the Commons on 16th January. It is likely to become law in or around April, with codes of practice and further enabling legislation to follow. Clearly the government wants to remove the current requirement to farm land from subsidies paid. Furthermore, the government wants to de-link subsidies […]