Farm Sustainability

Farm Sustainability is a term that is being mentioned a lot recently by politicians, environmentalists, farmers, researchers and the press.  But what does this mean?  For a farmer it means passing on a viable business to the next generation, but it is not just financial viability.  It has to be a farm that is socially […]

Low Till Reseeding Options – Save The Planet & Your Pocket!

Have you considered avoiding the plough when reseeding grass to grass? On our own farm we have used several methods over the last 2 years, to avoid the loss of soil structure and organic matter that tends to occur with ploughing.  With shallow soils over heavy clay it has been particularly important to avoid bringing […]

Planning Permission Finally Granted After Appeal Lost

In mid-April I spoke at a planning committee meeting along with a client, to try to persuade a planning committee to grant permanent permission for an existing log cabin, that only had a temporary planning consent. It was first placed on the farm in 2007 and was followed by an application for a bricks-and-mortar house […]

It’s Not a Crime to Take Time Off!

Every farmer is very busy and in a lot of cases feels that they cannot take time off away from the farm as they “need” to be there. Taking time off is not a crime, in fact you could argue that not taking time off is a crime. Time off gives you chance to recharge […]