Flooding and ‘Exceptional Events’

The EA in theory allows you to spread slurry on very wet land in ‘exceptional events’.  You need to have a contingency plan for such an event and should be able to produce it.  If you must spread slurry because your lagoon or tower is in danger of overflowing, and there is a danger of […]

Soil, Nutrient and Biodiversity Management Planning

Recently I was asked to complete a soil, nutrient and biodiversity management plan for a client who required it for their milk buyer.  It was a great opportunity to be able to discuss management of land to reduce the risks of soil runoff, erosion, nutrient leaching and biodiversity damage through improving cropping, fertiliser, sprays and […]

New Year Resolution – Building Healthy Soils

New year resolutions are seldom kept beyond Burns Night and normally involve giving up something that you like.  So how about one for 2020 that will commit you to taking soil samples in January?  Putting in place a coherent soil management plan is key to improving the productivity of your soils, and without the knowledge […]

Woodland Creation Grant

The Woodland Creation Grant is part of Countryside Stewardship and is available for applications all year round.  You can apply for up to £6,800 per hectare to help plant trees, including the capital items associated with this.  As well as payments of £1.28 per tree, you can also apply for various fencing and gate options, […]