Environmental Permitting – EA Enforced Variations

On 21st February the Environment Agency completed their consultation of the implantation of Best Available Techniques (BAT) compliance and have written to the majority of permitted pig and poultry farms to send out a copy of the updated permit which now includes conditions to operate to BAT. As part of this process operators will also […]

Flooding – Practical and Holistic Approach is Needed

The last few weeks of wet weather have again highlighted the pressing issue of flooding and the seemingly continual cycle of restoring damaged land only for it to be under water in no time. The issue of how to manage flooding and alleviate the problems caused are complex with many stakeholders involved from landowners and […]

Support for Agroforestry

The government has recently issued clarification of how Agroforestry fits within the Basic Payment Scheme rules. As previously discussed in this newsletter, Agroforestry offers farmers, landowners and the environment significant benefits in terms of not only financial returns, but environmentally from carbon storage and increased biodiversity. DEFRA have clarified the situation regarding trees in field […]

North Wilts Newt Ponds Shortage

I recently attended a meeting (socially distanced… of course!) with a new client of mine, and a representative of the Farming and Wildlife Advisory Group (FWAG) to discuss installing ponds on my client’s estate in North Wiltshire. I involved FWAG in the project, as they are overseeing the District Level Licensing program on behalf of […]