Strip-Grazing Autumn Block Dry Cows (circa. 8,000litre)

One size certainly does not fit all when it comes to dry cows, and certain opportunities may allow more cost-effective means to manage dry cows. First what is the cow type? Yield? Can grazing paddocks be shut up early? And what is the mineral content of soils and forages available (Potassium & Calcium in particular)? […]

Covid-19 and Diversification

One of the great ironies of the effect of Covid-19 on the agriculture and rural industry is within recent years the clear message from government to diversify in order to protect agricultural incomes. It is our diversified clients who have suffered most through the pandemic. This is of course, included those within hospitality, rural tourism […]

Improved Grass Breeding on Dairy Farms

Our office in Carmarthenshire deals predominantly with grass based dairy farmers in West Wales.  We benchmark and review the performance of these businesses with financial and physical KPI’s.  Two common physical KPI’s we use, are litres per ha and per cow from forage.  Both these KPI’s are typically driven by grass Dry Matter production (although […]