The Importance of Planning a Stewardship

With the Mid-Tier Stewardship application deadline only 2 months away it is time to begin thinking about annual options and capital items.  Due to the different rules and regulations that come with holding a stewardship agreement, it is hugely important to plan ahead and ensure that all the options selected can be easily managed thus […]

Silaging Safety

Top Tips for staying safe at Silaging: 1. Ensure all tractors and equipment are maintained, in a good condition (including all guards in place) and only operated by competent persons. 2. Switch the machine off and allow time for it to stop before clearing blockages. 3. Do not allow children to play around the yards or fields where […]

JV Dairy Opportunity Dorset

An exciting opportunity to contract dairy farm has arisen in Dorset with a 1st October start.  The suitable person would initially manage the herd for one year, with the intention of taking on a formal contract farming arrangement for an initial five-year period.  The current farming family are looking to take a step back and […]