Post Milking Disinfection

Post milking teat disinfection is especially effective against the contagious pathogens Staphylococcus aureus and Streptococcus agalactiae. Teat disinfection is less effective in reducing the new infection rate of “environmental” pathogens such as Coliforms and Streptococcus species other than Streptococcus agalactiae. Control of environmental pathogens requires maintaining cows in a clean and dry environment, good pre-milking […]

Biodiversity Plans

With about 70% of land in the UK being used for agriculture, the Agroecosystem (farmland habitat) is arguably the most important environment in the UK. A diverse agroecosystem is essential for productivity, function and stability of the environment. However, following the post-war intensification of farming systems, agriculture has been associated with biodiversity loss and a […]

How to Stop the Dairy Farmer Exodus

It continues to be fashionable to exit dairy farming. Ever since I first worked as a farm consultant, the numbers of both all UK farmers and (specifically) dairy farmers has continued to fall. I just hope dairy farming doesn’t go the way of coal-mining in the country, which has now (I hear) ceased completely. We […]

The Proof of The Changes Are in The Results!

Over the last five years we have been working with one of our clients to improve the milk quality and production efficiency. The table below summarises the improvements achieved over the last five years: The farm has moved to autumn block calving. This allows the cows to be fed as one both winter and summer. […]