Thawing & Preparing Semen for Artificial Insemination?

Sometimes it is the small errors which cost us dearly particularly when it comes to fertility. Many factors affect fertility, but you can do everything right but if the Sperm is dead, it’s dead. Below I have constructed a protocol sheet to work with your Artificial Insemination (A.I.) courses and training you have been on. […]

Trace Element Deficiency in Livestock

Many clients have been experiencing trace element deficiency within livestock recently. Copper, cobalt, selenium and iodine are essential trace elements required by cattle and sheep. Clay soils generally have higher trace element levels than sandy soils. Soil testing may reveal deficiencies but should only be used as a guide when considering the trace element status […]

Dry Matter Intakes

It is important to ensure that your cows are eating as much forage as possible and that design faults or lack of space in your feed areas are not limiting the cow’s intake. A lack of space can lead to timid cows and heifers being bullied and prevented from eating until older, more aggressive cows […]