Cost Control During Milk Price Volatility

With uncertainty in milk prices and some milk buyers delaying payment or opting for A & B type pricing mechanisms, 2020 will be a season where dairy farmers will again have to focus on cost control and cash flow management. Below are 6 basic points to focus on: 1. Complete a cash flow and allocate […]

Rumen Protected Amino Acid Supply

Protein supply for the forthcoming few years will become more and more important with reductions to Ammonia/Nitrogen usage, carbon footprints, increased prices of soya meal substitutes, pressure on Nitrogen excretion and soya meal level in diets. As a nutritionist and as farmers we are familiar with the term “crude protein” but as the word “crude” […]

Are You Realising the Full Potential of Your Heifers?

Proper growth of dairy heifers from weaning until 6 to 8 months of age directly impacts future milk production and the profitability of your dairy business. This potentially could be as much as 15% loss in production. For example – Potential Heifer Lactation = 7500 litres, a 15% loss = 1125 litres -At 28 ppl […]

Healthy Heifers Are Your Future – What Are the Key Points to Consider if Setting Up a Heifer Rearing Agreement?

I am getting increasing numbers of questions about out-sourcing heifer rearing. This can be due to expansion and the desire to utilise grazing blocks for milking cows and/or shed space but also lack of suitable labour to rear youngstock is also a becoming a major issue. The following key points should be considered when discussing […]