Dairy Compounds – Look The Same But Are Different!

Having worked in the compound sector for two compounders I have knowledge of compound formulations and working out cake specifications between compounders.  Below I have constructed two different high energy (HE) 16% compounds. To the untrained eye they look the same but there are subtle differences which mean I can cut 0.5ME between the cakes.  […]

Assessing Cow Rumen Efficiency – Andrew Jones

I recently ran a Cow Signals training course, with a supplier, for some of our clients.  Improving rumen function was an area much covered and here are some tips and guidelines learned on the day. The rumen is nearly one third of the size of a cow and provides roughly two thirds of her daily […]

Modern Livestock Management

Artificial intelligent, cloud-based apps, algorithms and remote sensing are increasingly common in the livestock sector.  A new generation of management sensors are hitting the market.  Selecting the best choice for your cows and your businesses is important. The first-generation dairy monitors had one job to do, oestrus detection.  With a reduction in oestrus intensity increasing […]