Slurry Separation – Good Investment?

Mechanical separation of slurry improves the application and fertilising qualities of the separated slurry vs original slurry. Separating slurry also reduces the amount of storage needed by up to 30%. Separated Liquid  By separating the liquid from the solids: • The volume liquid volume reduces by 17 to 20% – The estimated application cost of […]

Government Support for Dairy

The Government’s Dairy Response Fund is now open for business. It is to be administered by the RPA and is there to assist dairy farmers who have been most affected by the pandemic. The cap is £10,000 per business. You can apply if you had a price reduction of at least 25% in April, compared […]

Erratic Grass

Grazing can be as erratic as the weather, especially where strict grazing disciplines do not exist. Take the following grass analysis we have seen over the last few months noting that both oil and crude protein have been all over the place. To put this into perspective all grass is 3-4 weeks of regrowth either […]