FCG Accounting and Farm Accounts

Our Farm Accounts software goes from strength to strength. If good reports from your present accounts system (including automatic Comparable Dairy Farm Profit calculations on a monthly basis) are not available to you, contact us urgently. Our Farm Accounts software can produce this for you monthly, very easily. You can have the software on your […]

Increased Countryside Stewardship (CS) Water Capital Grants

We have now had confirmation that the CS Water Capital grants offered for application in 2021 will increase from a maximum of £10,000 to £20,000. You do not need to apply or be in a stewardship scheme to avail of these grants. Applications are likely to open mid-February 2021, so start thinking about any capital […]

Dry Matter Intakes

It is important to ensure that your cows are eating as much forage as possible and that design faults or lack of space in your feed areas are not limiting the cow’s intake. A lack of space can lead to timid cows and heifers being bullied and prevented from eating until older, more aggressive cows […]

Reducing the Risk of Breaching Cross Compliance Rules

It is important to reduce the risk of any breaches or mistakes which can cause penalties on your farm support payments (including BPS). Important dates to be aware of for January 2021: 1st January – • BPS 2021 year starts – Cross Compliance rules for 2021 must be followed. • Grass and tillage land in […]