Investing in Your Land – Drainage

Photo of new drainage system installed on a client’s farm in 2019 which has increased grazing season and also enabled land to be reseeded. Field drainage is something that is not talked about very often but is an essential part of soil management. Good drainage ensures: Improved plant performance: better yields and quality, quicker warming […]

How Important is Adequate Cow Feed Space? – Andrew Jones

How important to YOU and to Your Cows is their feed space dimensions? This is not theoretical feed space, this is actual physically used feed space. Cows are herd animals, and it does not matter what type of system you are in, there should be enough feed space for every single animal in the herd […]

Who is Really Causing the Increase in Greenhouse Gasses and What Can We Do About It?

The 74th, Annual British Cattle Breeders Conference was held at the end of January with some fantastic speakers. The theme of the conference was – ‘Learn from the Past to Focus on the Future’. The closing presentation from the daytime session was Professor Frank Mitloehner from the University of California discussing Greenhouse Gasses (GHG) and […]

By The Time You Realise Your Father Was Right, You’ve Got A Son Who Thinks You Are Wrong! The Rough Guide to Succession Planning

Successful planning for the future of any business relies on having a broad view on its succession and deciding on what the route towards that succession might be. For some businesses this might involve an exit plan, for others an opportunity to hand on the business to the next generation, whilst ensuring that current generations […]