How Do You Make Decisions?

I have recently completed the first phase of a Savory Institute accredited course on Holistic Management. Although many people associate this with what is often termed “mob-grazing”, the philosophy encompasses a much wider approach to how we make decisions on our farms, in our organisations and at a policy level. Allan Savory has developed his […]

Soil, Nutrient and Biodiversity Planning

As more milk buyers request that Soil, Nutrient and Biodiversity plans are completed by their suppliers – are you aware that we can produce and maintain these records for you? Following completion of the BASIS Soil & Water qualification in 2019, I can produce these plans for you, looking at: • Risk maps – soil […]

Why Use the FCG Finance Brokering Service?

I have been helping farmers arrange long term finance for projects for some time. When I look back at the comparisons from initial offers to the eventual final chosen offer the variance in price has amazed me. The first deal completed quickly and saved the client at least £11,874. One of the more recent deals […]

Soil Carbon – Is Your Soil a Cruise Liner or a Junk?

Soil organic matter and soil carbon are currently the centre of attention for several important reasons as repeatedly discussed in this newsletter, but soils have differing potential to store carbon. An analogy that I like, is to compare your soil with is a cruise liner. Is your soil a mega liner with thousands of passengers […]