Farming Incomes and Euro Exchange Rates

The sterling exchange rate is constantly in the news due to the BREXIT effect on the value of sterling.  Since June, sterling is approximately 20% lower in value vs the dollar and the euro.  Since the US and Europe are two of our main trading partners, this will mean a 5ppl increase in milk price […]


As a country, the UK is a net importer of goods and our exchange rate with our main trading partners, the US and Europe, will have a big impact on the price of these imported goods.  In agriculture, we are also exposed to the price of these goods, especially fertiliser, feeds, machinery and fuel.  It’s […]

AOC Removal

The removal of an Agricultural Occupancy Clause (AOC) on a rural dwelling can be granted by a local planning authority (LPA) in a limited range of circumstances.  From the applicant’s viewpoint, it can mean the redundancy of an asset (a tied dwelling) can be reversed, and of course a large rise in the value of […]

Peer to Peer Lending

Seeking conventional bank support can be frustrating with tighter restrictions and lending criteria.  Any change to your enterprise mix or diversification project will most likely require additional funding and if your business has a poor track record or insufficient profitability shown in your business accounts, the chances are that your current lender may turn your […]