New Year’s Resolution – Three Things to Implement in 2020

As we all know, farming has THE worst health and safety record out of all other industries.  As we enter the new year, a few simple changes could help to save a life! I have picked out three basic, but commonly missed controls, that can easily be implemented into any farming business. 1. Quad Bikes Ensure […]

Flooding and ‘Exceptional Events’

The EA in theory allows you to spread slurry on very wet land in ‘exceptional events’.  You need to have a contingency plan for such an event and should be able to produce it.  If you must spread slurry because your lagoon or tower is in danger of overflowing, and there is a danger of […]

Are Your Silages Performing This Winter? – Andrew Jones

Despite many people having excellent stocks and nearly all samples showing encouraging feed quality, many farmers are reporting that grass silages are not milking as well as expected.  Why is this and what can be done to improve performance for the rest of the winter? To produce the optimum yield from silage, the starting points […]