Ammonia – What It Is and How to Reduce It?

NH₃, NH₄, NO₃, SO₃…  There is only so much chemistry that we can remember from school, however the chemistry that is becoming more important to understand is Ammonia (NH₃), the effects, and ways in which it can be reduced.  The Clean Air Strategy has been produced by DEFRA in order for the government to regulate […]

Cotswolds LEADER Grant Funding to Re-Open

We have been contacted by the team Leader at Cotswolds LEADER Programme to inform us that the grant programme may re-open for new Expressions of Interest for a two-week window in early March 2019.  A final decision will be made on Wednesday 27 February 2019.  All projects will then have to be approved and contracted […]

Making Tax Digital Reminder

Just a reminder that HMRC are implementing Making Tax Digital (MTD) from April 2019.  This means that people who keep records on paper or spreadsheets and submit their VAT return manually will no longer be able to do so.  From April 2019 all Vat Returns will have to be submitted electronically through a certified accounts […]