Save Time & Money with 5S

5S is one of the tools used in Lean Farming. It is used by Toyota to operate their Just in Time system to ensure people are not wasting time waiting for something or looking for something. 5S refers to the five “S” words used to help create an environment where your team is more productive […]

Successful Succession – Dan Knight (Evolution ABS)

Having experienced a number of different challenges over recent months, many of us are thinking about our families and plans for the future. There has been a lot of reflection regarding succession planning, which can be an emotive subject and one where it is difficult to know where to start. As a tax advisor, I […]

Government Support for Dairy

The Government’s Dairy Response Fund is now open for business. It is to be administered by the RPA and is there to assist dairy farmers who have been most affected by the pandemic. The cap is £10,000 per business. You can apply if you had a price reduction of at least 25% in April, compared […]

The Green Revolution

As the country emerges from Lockdown, the government’s free market ideology is going to be put into practice to bring forward a decade of investment largely driven by a carbon zero and green agenda. Farming has a massive role to play in this whether it be solar, wind, biomass or simply working within the planning […]