Improved Grass Breeding on Dairy Farms

Our office in Carmarthenshire deals predominantly with grass based dairy farmers in West Wales.  We benchmark and review the performance of these businesses with financial and physical KPI’s.  Two common physical KPI’s we use, are litres per ha and per cow from forage.  Both these KPI’s are typically driven by grass Dry Matter production (although […]

Dry Matter Intake is King!

Increasing dry matter intake in dairy cows is a measure of success for any dairy farmer and nutritionist, and these five points provide a basic platform towards this goal. • Use forages of higher quality Rumen capacity has a physical limit, beyond which feed intake ceases.  Thus, to increase nutrient intake within the limits of physical […]

Weigh In!

With 40% grants available now under the Countryside Productivity Small Grant Scheme which closes on the 4th September, there is no excuse for livestock farmers to be still guessing the weight of their cattle!  You can now get weigh cells to go in your cattle crush/race for less than £1,000 after grant.  They will […]

Hedge Cutting Derogation – Apply Now!

Cross Compliance rules prevent the cutting or trimming of hedges until 1st September. However, if you are sowing Oilseed Rape or Temporary Grass in August, you may be eligible for a Hedge Cutting Derogation.  This allows you to cut or trim hedges from the 1st August in specific parcels. You must ensure that you have […]