How Are Your Calves Performing?

Calf management is as important as managing your cows, they are the future herd therefore they need looking after.  It costs on average £2,000 to rear a heifer to calve at two years therefore providing the best start is very important.  Disease will not only hit growth rates but loss in performance throughout their lactations.  […]

Where Is The Beef … Profit?

A client recently sold 29 beef and dairy stores at £525/head on average after transport and commission.  This was a good price in the current marketplace although £100/head down on the same time last year.  They weighed approx 370kg Lwt, aged16 months old.  Originally there were 30 head. Was any money made? They were worth […]

Farming and Climate Change: Towards Net Zero Carbon Emissions

I was fortunate enough to join this conference at the beginning of July, inspired by Minette Batters’ challenge to all farmers of zero carbon emissions by 2040.  The conference, a partnership with the National Farmers Union and The Sustainable Food Trust, considered how agriculture responds to the climate emergency that faces us.  Minette Batters’ NFU […]