Successful Farm Tenancy Tenders

We have recently completed two farm tenders for County Council farms and both have been successful. The first farm tenancy was a dairy farm with all year round calving.  The business would be partly based on direct milk sales using a milk vending machine and building on an established festival during the summer.  This is […]


There are various forms of waste.  Within Lean management eight areas of waste have been identified as follows, they can be remembered by the acronym DOWNTIME: 1. Defects: sick animals, poor communication, poor feed quality, lameness, etc. 2. Overproduction: more milk produced than can be sold for the best price, e.g. B milk production, producing more heifers […]

Time for a Big Conversation about Tax

Many dairy farmers are finding cashflow quite tight at present with high feed costs, the effect of the drought and milk prices having peaked too low to sustainably cover cost of production.  The recent HSBC forward planning publication showed negative margins on the average dairy farm before BPS for 2019/20 forecast.  Many dairy farms will […]

The Agriculture Bill

It has been a long time coming, but on 12th September the new Agriculture Bill was introduced into the House of Commons. The phrase “take back control” was used again in the headline of the press release that was issued that day.  The Bill sets out how farmers and land managers will be paid in […]