Covid-19 and Diversification

One of the great ironies of the effect of Covid-19 on the agriculture and rural industry is within recent years the clear message from government to diversify in order to protect agricultural incomes. It is our diversified clients who have suffered most through the pandemic. This is of course, included those within hospitality, rural tourism […]

How Are Your Calves Performing?

Calf management is as important as managing your cows, they are the future herd therefore they need looking after.  It costs on average £2,000 to rear a heifer to calve at two years therefore providing the best start is very important.  Disease will not only hit growth rates but loss in performance throughout their lactations.  […]

Where Is The Beef … Profit?

A client recently sold 29 beef and dairy stores at £525/head on average after transport and commission.  This was a good price in the current marketplace although £100/head down on the same time last year.  They weighed approx 370kg Lwt, aged16 months old.  Originally there were 30 head. Was any money made? They were worth […]