Rake vs Merge?

Mergers have been about for a few years but a relatively new concept for the UK. So, what is a Merger? A merger is two independent pickups using a conveyor belt to move forage to either a centre or side swath. As opposed to raking silage across the ground like a typical rotary, wheel or […]

Greenhouse Gas – What a Stink!

There is an increasing interest from both government and the general public about greenhouse gas emissions from agriculture. Whilst it is unfair to point the finger solely at agriculture as the villain, we do have a role to play in helping to reduce emissions on a national scale. Some businesses will look at having to […]

Fertiliser Safe Storage

The recent horrific event in Lebanon brings the storage of Ammonium Nitrate fertiliser into sharp focus. With a close family member living in Beirut (thankfully unhurt) this has been foremost in my mind recently. Gourad Street, Beirut – 500m from the blast AN has a melting point of 170 0C and decomposes at 210 0C. […]

Biodiversity Plans

With about 70% of land in the UK being used for agriculture, the Agroecosystem (farmland habitat) is arguably the most important environment in the UK. A diverse agroecosystem is essential for productivity, function and stability of the environment. However, following the post-war intensification of farming systems, agriculture has been associated with biodiversity loss and a […]