Farmers to Jump on the Healthy Eating Bandwagon

Oats are becoming forever popular in the British persons’ diet and particularly for breakfast cereal and snack requirements.  Oats in general provide many health benefits, from lowering cholesterol levels, to stabilizing blood sugars.  The demand for food products containing oats due to its healthy reputation, has led to food processors developing new uses for oats.  […]

New Trials Show Benefit of Spring NPKS Fertiliser Policy

Traditionally, arable crops receive their P and K fertiliser in the autumn time.  Trial work at RAU Cirencester, for 2015/16, has shown that there is a £120/Ha benefit form NPKS applied as a compound in spring.  Winter wheat and £30/Ha benefit in winter barley. This benefit is the result of + 1T//Ha (wheat) and 0.3T/Ha […]

Fixing Your Exchange Rate

In these very uncertain time in terms of commodity prices and raw material inputs, the one area that you can take control over is the amount you receive for your Basic Farm Payment by fixing your payment rate for 2017. The exchange rate as at September 2016 resulted in a BPS payment some 16% higher […]

How Much Are Starlings Costing You?

Starlings are a big problem in the South West with feed contamination and recent research has shown that starling proofing your buildings maybe a worthwhile investment on some farms.  It has been calculated that that starlings could be costing a farm as much as £40,000 per winter. A recent study by the University of Nottingham […]