Incorporating Livestock into a Regenerative Arable System

Are grazing livestock a perquisite of regenerative farming systems? Whilst this is a common thought and perhaps the holy grail for some regenerative farmers, there is little evidence to support this claim. Livestock certainly bring an extra dimension to the diversity of the system and an additional bacterial flora to the soil biota. Many arable […]

Soil Management

Sustainable soil management is becoming an increasingly important topic for farmers and landowners to consider. It will form part of the up and coming ELM scheme with payments being offered for carbon storage, reducing erosion, preventing flooding and increasing organic matter. The Soil Carbon pool stores more carbon than both the vegetation and atmospheric pools […]

Soil Care After Maize

A relatively early and kind maize harvest has left soils in better shape than last year’s mud bath. However, leaving bare soil over winter is never a good thing as it results in: • Erosion risk • Nutrient leaching • Loss of soil biology due to the absence of living roots The photos show the […]

Lysine – Why? Where? When?

In recent months we have seen tightened pressure on protein supply with certain supermarkets banning both Soya and Palm derivatives. Rape meal supplies being affected by Erith’s lack of production and less wheat and maize distillers in the marketplace. Brewers grains have also been erratic due to COVID. With continued pressure by supermarket contracts on […]