Ammonia – What It Is and How to Reduce It?

NH₃, NH₄, NO₃, SO₃…  There is only so much chemistry that we can remember from school, however the chemistry that is becoming more important to understand is Ammonia (NH₃), the effects, and ways in which it can be reduced.  The Clean Air Strategy has been produced by DEFRA in order for the government to regulate […]

Cotswolds LEADER Grant Funding to Re-Open

We have been contacted by the team Leader at Cotswolds LEADER Programme to inform us that the grant programme may re-open for new Expressions of Interest for a two-week window in early March 2019.  A final decision will be made on Wednesday 27 February 2019.  All projects will then have to be approved and contracted […]

Are You Managing Ryegrass for Optimal Plant and Animal Performance?

Ryegrass maintains a maximum of three live leaves per tiller.  Delaying grazing beyond the emergence of the fourth leaf results in a decline in pasture quality, wasted pasture and shading of the lower tillers.  Grazing before the 2-3 leaf stage will deplete the plant of its water soluble carbohydrate (WSC) reserves which are replenished only […]

Clear Vision & Strategy

The most profitable businesses have clear goals and a strategic plan to implement their vision of where and how they wish to grow their business.  This was one of the first and most important business lessons I learned in NZ.  I always thought this and have highlighted it in previous articles.  Some we saw were […]