Building Great Soils

Worldwide there is an increasing focus on improving our soils whether that is improved resilience and less erosion or improved yields, a constant theme is soil organic matter and how to increase it.  Whilst organic farmers advocate this or that approach and regenerative farmers argue for their solutions, there remains one overriding objective that of […]

Dairy Compounds – Look The Same But Are Different!

Having worked in the compound sector for two compounders I have knowledge of compound formulations and working out cake specifications between compounders.  Below I have constructed two different high energy (HE) 16% compounds. To the untrained eye they look the same but there are subtle differences which mean I can cut 0.5ME between the cakes.  […]


There are various forms of waste.  Within Lean management eight areas of waste have been identified as follows, they can be remembered by the acronym DOWNTIME: 1. Defects: sick animals, poor communication, poor feed quality, lameness, etc. 2. Overproduction: more milk produced than can be sold for the best price, e.g. B milk production, producing more heifers […]