CAP Reform, Basic Payments & Brexit

meeting340x340The UK will shortly be leaving the EU, which means that the CAP will not apply directly to UK farmers. However its influence will still be felt, in that it will continue to apply to our European neighbours. So it cannot be entirely forgotten.

Until we actually leave the EU, it will still be highly relevant to our clients. Interpretation of the CAP, of the claim process for Basic Payments, entitlement trading and “cross compliance” are all matters that are discussed and advised upon on a daily basis by FCG consultants. 

 There is still a demand for entitlements, and we can help clients assess the way they can maximise the income from them into their businesses.

How will Brexit affect farms and other rural enterprises? FCG consultants are in the forefront of advice to help farmers build sustainable rural businesses that are not too reliant on EU and (eventually) UK subsidies, but that nevertheless seek to maximise their entitlement to them.

What changes in income and expenditure will result from the latest Brexit proposals on your farm? FCG can help provide the answer as the Brexit debate develops, and provide solutions to problems arising.

For enquiries about the CAP, developing UK policy proposals and Brexit, and the impact on your business, please contact your nearest FCG office.