Business Briefing December 2017

Welcome to The Farm Consultancy Group Business Briefing Newsletter for December 2017. 

Discussion Is Great - Ed Warren (Sherborne)

I have, over the last few months, attended various discussion group meetings on my learning curve with Midwest Consulting.  I am always inspired by the way a group can help individual farms improve what they do.  The huge advantage of belonging to a group is the shared knowledge and experience that you are buying into.  Read more

RDPE Funding - Rachel Reed (Sherborne)

The latest round of funding for farms and rural businesses has been updated and the Farm Productivity applications are now open.  Read more

2017 Winter Forages - Wesley Habershon (Chippenham)

This year has shown a real mixed bag for forage quality.  The better producers have still made some good silages, but maize silage samples so far have suggested a poorer quality crop.  The main theme seems to be lots of bulk lacking in quality.   Read more

Magnesium an Essential Nutrient - Phil Cooper (Sherborne)

Although magnesium is classed as a secondary nutrient it is still highly important for the growing crop.  It is involved in the forming of chlorophyll, photosynthesis and energy transfer. Deficiency signs are similar to nitrogen deficiency, with the tips of leaves turning yellow and then spreading down the remainder of the leaf.   Read more

Planning Consultancy and Disobedient Clients - Charles Holt (Lincoln)

I was delighted to get the news, that a client for whom I had done an appraisal to help them gain a temporary dwelling five years ago, have – at last – managed to get that temporary permission turned into a permanent one, again with my help.  This is a trout fishing enterprise, with a few Christmas trees, some turf lifting and a handful of sheep alongside, so it is not “agriculture” in the pure sense.   However, the client is a genuine grafter, and they do need to live on site.   Additionally, they have of course hugely increased the value of 25 acres of wet, difficult, bare land.  Read more

Environment Agency Inspections - Max Sealy (Chippenham)

In recent weeks and months, we have seen a rise in the number of farm inspections by the Environment Agency, particularly in targeted areas.  As an office, we have recently been successful in working with our clients and Hafren Water to appeal against NVZ designations and have had most of our appeals awarded.   Read more

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