Brexit Opportunity or Chaos?

Shortly after these articles are published, we will get the outcome of the meaningful vote in the House of Commons and will know a little more about our political future, whether this is to be another vote, a vote of confidence, or a change of government and minority Labour/SNP administration.

The only certain thing in life is uncertainty, particularly at these times.  It is very important to assess how this affects your individual business.  For example, how exposed are you to currency risk in your marketing and input purchases?  What is your cash position?  Would you be in a place to take opportunity if asset prices were to fall in a post Brexit world?  On the other hand, some businesses may wish to realise assets and move into a stronger cash position ahead of Brexit.

In the grand scheme of things, Brexit will be no more than a blip on a graph of time, a bit like the 2008 financial crisis, but as we know, fortune favours the brave and those who wish to take opportunity, could prosper in these uncertain times.

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